The Digital League is a platform for Pakistan’s digital workforce. Freelancers with a diverse set of skills are brought under one roof and connected to global clients.

According to online web portals for outsourcing, such as oDesk, the overall market for online work is expected to grow to an estimated $1 billion in 2012 whereas in 2009, this figure was $100 million.

Pakistan ranks number one in value for money for developers and data entry and number two overall. Pakistan is just behind the number 1 ranked United States in customer satisfaction.

TDL is an offshoot of Women’s Digital League (WDL), a tried and tested Not-For-Profit based in Pakistan. Over 60 freelancers have worked under both banners. The highest impact has been with respect to women and new graduates. There is a large dormant workforce comprising of educated, skilled women who for various family responsibilities cannot work outside their homes or are discouraged from doing so. Women make up 50% of Pakistan’s 180 million population and 59% of them between the age of 18 and 27 are educated. This includes doctors, engineers, animators, artists, graphic designers, liberal arts graduates and IT professionals. A vast majority of them don’t even know about outsourcing opportunities and how it works. It’s important to assist them in finding economic empowerment, which will help the Pakistan economy and create an educated workforce and future leaders.

Women in Pakistan suffer many different labor hardships. In the rural areas, it can be even more challenging. Many work day and night for less than $50/month. Education and skill training is scarce, especially for women. This trend is changing, but at a very slow rate.

Another alarming trend for all online workers is the exploitation of rates through various, unregulated job platforms. Many times they do not understand the business of contract work and bidding, so they price themselves to low for the workloads. There are also examples of people representing these workers and exploiting them with unfair wages and working hours.

TDL believes in fair trade and has created a skilled network of online workers. TDL will market the services and work with trusted clients who share the same values. In addition to paying competitive rates, TDL provides training and growth in career and wages as skills are learned.