Where are you based?

Pakistan and the US. Our interns are selected from both Pakistan and the US. We have big plans for world domination.

When and how did you start your business?

Short, happy story. Our Founder, Maria Umar, was sacked from her teaching job as the school wouldn’t give her a maternity leave. She started content writing in 2009/2010 through oDesk. Got more work then she could handle and started giving it off to family and friends. That started Women’s Digital League – Pakistan’s first outsourcing platform that supported women. WDL sent computer-based tasks to educated women who for various reasons were discouraged from working outside their homes. This social enterprise was certified by US State Department’s Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women program and Thunderbird School of Global Management’s Project Artemis. WDL was also a finalist at the GIST “I Dare” Business Plan Competition.

What happened to Women’s Digital League?

It’s still here. We are working on rebranding it. Stay tuned – there is exciting stuff coming your way.

Why the need for The Digital League when you already had WDL?

After running in beta for more than 2 years, we reached the conclusion that our workforce wasn’t yet ready for the highly complex nature of some of our tasks. They need training not only in required skills but also in how to work with an International clientele. So we decided we needed to include the other half of our population and also move to urban areas. For WDL, as we said above, just wait and watch. Funding was another issue. As a strict non-profit, we had difficulty running WDL. So we formed The Digital League to bootstrap WDL.

Why should I hire you?

• We are price savvy, not cheap. • We vet out talent and only connect you to the very best. • Our services are postpaid so you don’t have to pay us if you are not satisfied. • You don’t have to sign any lengthy contracts. • You get everything from graphic designers and web developers to content writers and virtual assistants under one roof. • All your projects are managed by one project manager. So if you need to design your business cards, find the 10 best daycare centers in your zip code, get someone to manage your Facebook account – you get all that done through one contact person.

How do I order a service?

Send us an email at sales@thedigitalleague.net with details of what you need. We will get back to you within 24 hours.

How do I pay for your services?

We accept Western Union, PayPal and direct wire transfers.

I don’t see an answer to my query.

Drop us a line at sales@thedigitalleague.net or use the Contact Us form. We promise we will get back to you within 24 hours.